Endri was born on 14 October 1984 in Gjirokastër, a small picturesque town in south Albania,seated in a region of rolling hills, rivers, and woodlands. Spending his formative years among nature and country life fostered the growth of his down-to-earth philosophy and love of the outdoors. He attended primary, secondary and high school in Gjirokastër. In 2001, he moved in Tirana, the capital of Albania and studied Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Tirana. After he finished the university he started working in an architectural studio as an interior designer. During this time he took several private art lessons and studied different painting techniques, art history etc. His passion for painting grew up and led him opening his own painting studio.

I have always thought that reality is made of multiple dimensions. In its deepest levels it swarms of signs, symbols, mythological creatures, archetypal landscapes etc. A forgotten language by people but a building stone of its psyche. Artists are born with a vertical relationship down to that psyche. Most of my paintings unconsciously relate the past, the present and the future by an invisible mystic string merging them into one composition. I start my work with little sketches and drawings, and then in a selective way from there I go ahead to the canvas. I have been loyal to oil paintings but also tried mixing with acrylic and other materials. Black and white painting is my first love and I still continue to practice it from time to time even in not that small picture sizes.

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